During a recent visit in one of my favourite cities, Bielefeld, I had the opportunity to try a cargobike. I hauled cargo around town and found out how extremely easy it is to use a cargobike and how much you can load on a cargobike and still be able to ride fast and agile.

I really liked that there is such a good buzz around cargobikes in Bielefeld, especially the BISELA - Bielefeld sein Lastenrad project. It will crowdfund two cargobikes that can be borrowed for free.

After some thinking I bought a cargobike, a BULLITT, and now I am going going to bike it from Bielefeld back home to Stockholm. I am used to bicycle tourism and I want to see how a cargobike can work as a touring bicycle.

So in end of July I will pick my bike up from the cargobike specialists at Velotop and start my journey back home through Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Project status

I have picked up my Bullitt and I am on my way back to Stockholm.


The route is planned to go through the flat parts in northern Germany then Denmark, a ferry will then bring me back to Sweden for the final stretch back to Stockholm.

planned route
Figure 1. Route between Bielefeld and Stockholm.

More information

You will be able to find updates here on my blog and the facebook page of Velotop Velotop on facebook.

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