A late morning, I had slept well in the B&B.

Route day 17
Figure 1. Route Day 17

I hoped to make some progress towards Stockholm today. Sverigeleden is unfortunately mostly headed south east instead of north east where Stockholm is. The weather is fantastic, really perfect biking weather.

The roads are OK but there is traffic and also there is quite some truck traffic, there are many industries along the small roads. Trucks use up lots of space on the small roads.

Big trucks
Figure 2. Big trucks

Nothing much happens before Floby where I find lunch. When I look at the GPS I see that there is a shortcut to be had, instead of going almost to Falköping I turn north east. The road from Floby to road 47 is busy and people drive like maniacs. But once I cross road 47 things quiet down.

It feels like it’s slightly uphill for a long time but then it levels out and also there is a slight tailwind so there is some fast biking with the Bullitt.

Lake Hornborgasjön
Figure 3. Lake Hornborgasjön

I ride along the lake Hornborgasjön towards Varnhem for a good while, I am excited about the infocenter in Varnhem, hoping there might be some options for accommodation there. But once I got there it wasn’t anything useful.

So I decide between two campings, on uphill and one downhill, so I go for the downhill one that is also much closer. For some reason I thought it was a proper camping at camping.se, but it was not. The "reception" was in a building near the road and the actual cottage, hostel, camping area was 500-600 meters further away. A typical "money please - put tent anywhere - bye bye" camping.

Figure 4. Camping

I asked if there was Internet, I got a lecture on how great it was to be in the nature and that’s why they didn’t have Internet. I couldn’t be bothered informing the lady that I had been part of nature all day outside on my saddle.

Figure 5. Options

I found a place to pitch my tent, hopefully so that morning sun would dry it out quickly. Since there was nothing around I got some jummy adventure food out of my magic bag and boiled some water to go with it. Not fantastic but better than nothing.

Today 87 km turned out to be 50 km as the crow flies, that’s including the shortcut I invented that cut some 20-30 km. Sverigeleden is not very efficient. Approx 230 km biked since Göteborg, about 120 km as the crow flies achieved. The camping was 120 SEK including unmetered showers.