Day 48. Nynäshamn - home 5 km (1896 km)

I manage to sleep all night.

The whole trip
Figure 1. The whole trip

At 6 in the morning I walk around the ship, there are people sleeping everywhere on the floor. I see the island Gotland.

Once the breakfast opens I discover that it’s not at all as nice as when I went the other direction.

When I went to Poland I learned that you are forced out of the cabin well ahead of the ship arriving so all the deck is full of people standing around and queuing to get off the ship. This time I left the cabin around 11 and brought all my bags out on deck and sat down in the sun and waited for all passengers to get out of the ship. Much better than being stuck in the crowd.

Once back in Sweden there were no customs control and the train departed almost immediately.

So back at home after a great trip, already planning next summers trip.