Day 42. Miastko - Miastko 0 km (1736 km)

Today is cooler and there is rain from time to time. Nice with a day of rest.

After breakfast I walk over to the supermarket not far away, across from the hotel there is a small airplane, unclear why.

Figure 1. Monument

It’s cooler today and there is rain on and off all day. The forecast talks about rain tomorrow as well.

Figure 2. Hotel

I am very tired, I have not had any rest days since Croatia. Many days on the train just sitting around didn’t help either. There are still some days until the ferry leaves and Gdansk is a bit expensive so I decide to slow down and spend as many days as possible in the countryside.

When I have dinner at the hotel I am told that their credit card terminal is kaputt, so I guess I will have to pay cash tomorrow.