Day 41. Barwice - Miastko 76 km (1736 km)

The morning was foggy and cool.

Route day 41
Figure 1. Route day 41

I did not sleep well last night so I was grumpy when breakfast was served at 07:45 sharp. I heard some other guests speaking in German about the insane heat in the rooms.

The ride in to central Barwice is short, I buy some water and fruits.

This will be another very hot day, I have to drink many liters of water and salt/mineral supplements.

Nice roads
Figure 2. Nice roads

I ride through a forest for a long while it’s very nice, except for lots of flies and horse flies.

Figure 3. Forest

When I get to the hotel in Miastko I am the first to check in so I get to choose room, I get the one which is the coldest and is facing the back yard.

It’s cold and nice in the room, I take a well deserved siesta, today was a long and warm ride, and I have several bites from the horse flies.

When I wake up it’s time for dinner, I have a look at the weather forecast and decide to stay one more day and rest a bit during tomorrows rain.