Day 39. Drawsko Pomorskie - Drawsko Pomorskie 5 km (1598 km)

It’s hot again. The room was very hot and the street outside noisy.

Route day 39
Figure 1. Route day 39

A lazy day. Nothing to do except taking it easy and service the bike. I ride to the service station I was at yesterday and use their hose to clean all the mud of the bike.

Service in the park
Figure 2. Service in the park

Then I am off to the shadow in the park to fix the rest, lube and adjust everything and the bike is like new again.

The hotel is conveniently located on top of a supermarket, just walk down the stairs and shop as soon as you need something.

Food and sleep
Figure 3. Food and sleep

The town is very small so the sightseeing is fast. For tomorrow I have found a shady place in the country side. Sounds like a fancy place, but so far all hotels above 170 PLN have been a real disappointment.