Day 38. Stargard - Drawsko Pomorskie 75 km (1593 km)

Fog and rain in the morning, later sunshine.

Route day 38
Figure 1. Route day 38

The room was cold so I slept well, most of my stuff had dried during the night. It’s raw and foggy outside.

After breakfast I have a look at the gears on my bike, now I can see the problem. One of the blades in the cassette is bent, no idea how that could have happened, but I can almost bend it back. So now there is only 1-2 gears that doesn’t work.

Today I ride on small roads, some flooded from the rain, some to muddy to ride, I have to reroute and backtrack several times today.

Foggy road
Figure 2. Foggy road

This road was muddy and had flooded sections, I had to backtrack and take a several kilometer long detour through a roadworks area.

Muddy road
Figure 3. Muddy road

The day is very long, I feel worn out from going non-stop since Croatia, 5 days on the train and now 2 days in the rain.

When I near Drawsko Pomorskie the route takes me near a military area, the signposts are a bit unclear but I make it out on the other side. A few kilometers outside town I find a service station and stop for a big coffee and a hot-dog.

The reception is on the second floor, but fortunately I can park the bike in the stairs so it all works out.

Once I have checked in I decide to take a day of rest tomorrow, I need to take a break from the bike and the rain.