Day 40. Drawsko Pomorskie - Barwice 62 km (1660 km)

Sunny and clear outside. Feeling a bit like a cold is coming.

Route day 40
Figure 1. Route day 40

It’s Sunday. The town is very quiet when I leave. In the small villages and rural areas the church bells are ringing and people go to church.

Nice roads
Figure 2. Nice roads

The roads are nice and quiet. The surface is sometimes a bit rough but there are almost no cars or trucks all day.

Bike road
Figure 3. Bike road

In the middle of my track I find a old railroad converted to bike road, full of cyclists, pedestrians and roller bladers. Very nice and fast road.

Figure 4. Sklep

The day is getting hot so when I find a sklep it’s time for an ice cream and some rest. The owner starts to talk to me in Polish, this has happened a few times now, I wonder if I look Polish or they just can’t imagine someone going to Poland without speaking Polish. It turns out that he has some tourist maps in the shop that he gives to me, very nice, but they cover the next 5-10 km or so, so no use to me. I put them back in the infotainment stand.

Figure 5. Resort

When I finally arrive at the hotel, or "resort" as they call themselves, my observation that anything more expensive than 170 PLN is not worth the money is fully confirmed. It’s a wedding factory, given the destroyed look on peoples faces the wedding was yesterday, given the intoxication level and beer flow no-one will be going home until tomorrow. The room is under the black roof and it’s insane hot. I get to eat diner alone in the restaurant which is prepared for the next wedding. Internet is only available in the reception and there is no mobile phone coverage at all. Happy days.