Day 44. Bytów - Kościerzyna 51 km (1839 km)

Yet another gray and rainy day. No end to the misery and muddy roads.

Route day 44
Figure 1. Route day 44

As I am getting closer to Gdansk it seems like the smaller roads get fewer and fewer. The ones I try today are so soft and muddy that I end up riding the big roads.

Sand and mud
Figure 2. Sand and mud

The traffic is intense on the big roads, it’s no fun at all to ride there. Actually this is officially not fun at all anymore. I decide to take the train to Gdansk tomorrow, riding these bigger roads is just to dangerous.

Figure 3. Rain

There is rain on and off all day, there will be even more mud tomorrow. Looking forward to a day on the train.

Once in Kościerzyna I quickly find the train station, it’s being rebuilt but there is a temporary ticket office. After some pointing and gesturing we agree on a ticket for tomorrow morning including a bicycle. It looks like the train is a nice low roll on train, no lifting required. But we will see tomorrow.

At dinnertime I am made aware of that I am now in Kashubia inhabited by the Kashubians, the dishes are different than the rest of Poland.