Day 43. Miastko - Bytów 52 km (1788 km)

Rain, thunder and mud.

Route day 43
Figure 1. Route day 43

The day starts with breakfast and getting lots of paper money out since the credit card machine still is broken.

Figure 2. Rain

Some of the roads/tracks are flooded, I have to go back and take detours. There are some really heavy showers and even some thunder and lightning.

The biking is going slow, the day is gray and I am tired. I am thinking more and more of taking the train the last bit in to Gdansk, it’s getting more and more populated and less and less bike friendly.

Figure 3. View

The hotel is a pleasant surprise, it’s a multi business. They have a flower shop in the reception, a restaurant in the basement and a nightclub up the street. The room is very big with somewhat dated furniture. But at 130 PL it’s a bargain.

Most of my clothes are soaking wet, I hope that some of it will have dried until tomorrow when there for sure will be more rain and mud.