Day 47. Gdansk - Gdansk 14 km (1891 km)

Last day in Poland.

Late breakfast and late checkout. Then I bike through the touristy parts of Gdansk to the ferry terminal at Westerplatte.

The area around the terminal is completely full of people, total parking chaos and the queuing for the ferry was not exactly perfect.

I get my boarding card and sit in the shadow under a three and wait for the magic moment when boarding will start.

Once the boarding starts I bike past all the cars and ride up to the ferry for the next long wait. It turns out that the man in charge of deciding which vehicles go on the ferry first was a cyclist, we talked a while about my heavy duty bike and then I could board the ship ahead of all cars and most trucks.

At about 16:30 I had dinner and then I went to bed for a siesta. Later in the evening I walked around the ferry, it was a big difference compared to 1.5 months ago. Every square meter of the floor was full of people in sleeping bags and there were people eating and drinking tea all over the floor.

So I went back to the cabin and slept some more dreaming about breakfast.