Day 45. Kościerzyna - Gdansk 12 km (1851 km)

My newfound knowledge about Kashubia tells me that I will stay in Kashubia all day, imagine that ! Early breakfast and hurry to the train, the first train of the day.

Route day 45
Figure 1. Route day 45

Once at the station I almost get a stroke when I see this relic from 1970 or so, but it turns out that it’s not my train.

Old Kashubian train
Figure 2. Old Kashubian train

The train ride is very slow, in average there is a stop every 4 minutes, lots of people getting on and off. One traveler with a bike get a lecture from the conductor on that the bike need a ticket and a reservation. I can understand the conductor is using me as an example on how it’s done.

Speed Queen
Figure 3. Speed Queen

When I arrive in Gdansk it’s way to early to check in to the hotel, so I go for a long ride to the Speed Queen laundromat. It’s the same thing as in Croatia except there is no-one there cleaning and disinfecting. But it looks clean enough, there is even a cafe next door.

It’s a very sunny and nice day. When the laundry is done I bike all the way back to the train station and find the hotel. I can check in early. The room is very small and very hot and more than 210 PLN. The restaurant serves a fixed menu during a few hours, menu is in complicated Polish. So I take a walk and find an amazing sushi place. I take a walk inside the Galeria Baltycka, lots of Swedish people that go there shopping, unclear why.

The ferry will leave the day after tomorrow, so tomorrow I will sleep late and focus on doing nothing.