Day 37. Szczecin - Stargard 51 km (1518 km)

Today’s forecast was rain and more rain, so I dug out my big higviz bright yellow raincoat.

Route day 37
Figure 1. Route day 37

It doesn’t rain so much when I leave the hotel, the towns infotainment system tells me its 17C and I am cyclist number 12 to ride by that morning. There is a bike lane on the "highway" leading out of Szczecin, it was really hard to find it among all the exits and roads.

Red lane
Figure 2. Red lane

I ride along very busy roads, really bad bike lanes, around small lakes and flooded streets. There was not much bike infrastructure and the first 25-30 kilometers out of Szczecin is a real pain. I should have taken the train instead.

Figure 3. Lake

The last bit in to Stargard and the hotel was on smaller roads, but still lots of flooded streets. I was really glad I didn’t have to ride any sand roads today.

The hotel was in a grand old building but inside it was very modern, elevator and all.

Figure 4. Hotel

I get to park the bike in the reception, it’s not a problem at all that it is dirty. There has been a problem with the gears all day today, only the high and the low ones work, very annoying. I couldn’t find the problem along the road in the rain, so I will have to look at it tomorrow.

The restaurant is in the basement, no English spoken but German works just fine. Impressive menu, once I order a steak it’s revealed that there is no beef today at all, just pork. So pork it is.