Day 36. Dessau - Szczecin 5 km (1467 km)

This would be the final day in a series of long days on trains. It was cold and rainy all day.

Route day 36
Figure 1. Route day 36

I opted out of the 16.5 Euro breakfast at the hotel and went across the street to the bakery instead. It so cold that I had to wear a warm sweater and my rain jacket.

Bauhaus area
Figure 2. Bauhaus area

I went for a small bike ride in the Bauhaus area, nice and quiet in the morning. Then on to Dessau hauptbahnhof and wait for the first of 3 trains.

Berlin Hbf
Figure 3. Berlin Hbf

The change of trains in Berlin involved riding an elevator deep down in the basement where the next train waited for me. The train was a double decker with a big compartment for bikes. The ride was long and there were many bikes and trailers in the train.

In Angermünde I changed to the last small diesel train that would bring me the last bit to Szczecin. There was a massive police presence on the platform, checking passports and giving smokers orders to go to the smoking allowed zone.

Figure 4. Szczecin

Once in Szczecin there was a light rain, I had no hotel booked so I just tried to find one on the GPS. After some biking around I found a hotel. When I had about 200 meters to bike the skies opened up and it was like standing in a car wash, everything instantly wet. Great.

Szczecin in the rain
Figure 5. Szczecin in the rain