Day 35. Pfaffenhofen - Dessau 5 km (1462 km)

A very long day on trains. There were delays due to all sorts of problems and many upset people on the trains.

Route day 35
Figure 1. Route day 35

The general idea behind going by train is to fast forward through the parts of Germany I have been to and by doing so saving the money and time it would have cost to bike that section. This day on the trains would have taken me about 8-10 days by bike. I could have pushed on and used my 44 Euro ride all you can ticket but the next stop was Berlin. I didn’t fancy getting stuck there in the middle of the night.

Figure 2. Dessau

After some 10 hours on and near trains I finally arrived and could check in to the hotel and have some dinner. A nice a quiet town it seems like.

Figure 3. Restaurant

After dinner in the oddly decorated restaurant I did some laundry and went to sleep exhausted.

Tomorrow I would do a short sightseeing trip in Dessau and then 3 trains would bring me to Szczecin in northern Poland.