Day 34. Salzburg - Pfaffenhofen 4 km (1457 km)

Last day of trains through the alps, only 2 days by train left now.

Route day 34
Figure 1. Route day 34

After a slow checkout process I biked the short distance to the train station. I had to wait for a long time before my train showed up on the monitors. But once it did it was easy and quick to find.

The train goes downhill towards München and it gets fuller and fuller, at the last stops are very hard for people to get in and out.

Once in München I manage to buy a ticket for Pfaffenhofen from a machine and find the train, it’s a really old and high train. Once again a heavy lift.

Figure 2. Pfaffenhofen

Once in Pfaffenhofen I buy the ticket for tomorrow, the staff helps me verify that all the trains really allow bikes and they do.

I bike to my hotel, it’s a bit on the outskirts of downtown Pfaffenhofen, also there is no restaurant just a vending machine with liquids.

Downtown Pfaffenhofen
Figure 3. Downtown Pfaffenhofen

After a visit to the supermarket I have lunch in my room.

Later that evening I meet and old friend and we go to kloster brauerei Scheyern for dinner.