Day 33. Graz - Salzburg 10 km (1453 km)

Long day on the trains through the alps.

Route day 33
Figure 1. Route day 33

I had breakfast and left the hotel, there was a 50 meter walk to the station. The first of five trains was a nice small low bike friendly train.

Figure 2. Train

The second train was also a small one. The tracks seemed to have a 5% grade, I was very happy not to ride my bike up and down these hills.

The fourth train was an old and high one, requiring some heavy lifting to get the bike in.

Old train
Figure 3. Old Train

So far the trip had magnificent views from the train and it was really cold and nice at all the stations.

Figure 4. View

I was very happy I decided to take the train through Austria instead of biking. The trains had to zig-zag through the mountains and had some tunnels to use, biking would have taken weeks.

The fifth and last train was a double decker that wasn’t really adapted to taking bikes.

Once in Salzburg there was a short bike ride to my hotel, the most expensive hotel on the trip and only half as good as IBIS. Such is life. But after a schnitzel and a cold beer it felt a bit better.