Day 32. Halbenrain - Graz 31 km (1443 km)

Sunshine and hot. Today will be the first train of many to come in the next few days.

Route day 32
Figure 1. Route day 32

Most of my stuff was dry. Breakfast was uneventful. I left Gasthof Wagner and biked towards the train station in Spielfeld.

Gasthof Wagner
Figure 2. Gasthof Wagner

The bike infrastructure was great, small roads, bike roads, sign posts, picnic areas, benches, trashcans. The bike ride was uneventful. Once at the station I found out how to get the bike on to the platform and then the ticket machine. There was a train just about to leave so hurry hurry.

Figure 3. train

Everything was very clean and well organized, the train even had straps to fasten the bike.

There was even a ticket machine on the train so I could buy the ticket for Salzburg - München.

Once in Graz the charming IBIS hotel was next to the train station, a quick check-in and bike parking in the luggage room.

The hotel room was amazing cold and dark, also it was the second most expensive room on the trip.

I went for a walk around Graz, unfortunately the lederhosen shops were closed but I managed to get a bauernsalat instead.

Figure 4. Bauernsalat