Day 31. Varaždin - Halbenrain 74 km (1412 km)

Today had rain and uphill in the morning, even more rain and also headwind in the afternoon.

Route day 31
Figure 1. Route day 31

My wonderful time in Varaždin is over, I feel strong and rested. I get my bike from the locked backyard and start pedaling. I just make it outside of town before the rain starts.

The first kilometer or so is along a big road, but the shoulder is a dedicated bike lane so it works just fine.

Figure 2. Road

The last part out of Croatia is very hilly, not very high altitude just many steep hills.

Figure 3. Steep

There are many beautiful views in the hills, unfortunately my camera cant do them justice.

Figure 4. Views

The rest of the day through Slovenia and Austria is rainy and cold. Originally I planned to take the train from Halbenrain but the track is being renovated and the train is replaced by bus. So tomorrow I will have to start with a 30 km bike ride to another train line and take the train to Graz from there.