Some cars arrived late yesterday but I was very tired so I managed to sleep through the night and wake up early.

Route day 18
Figure 1. Route Day 18

I my plan for morning sun almost succeed, there were some threes blocking the low morning sun. So I have to pack the tent wet again.

Morning sun
Figure 2. Morning sun

There is not much traffic in the morning, the roads are really bad, bumpy and lots of up and down. There is not much to do or see along the route, but there are lots of parking spaces for the different parts of the nature reserve that I am biking through.

Car parking
Figure 3. Car parking

There is a annoying headwind and the going is slow, but eventually I arrive in Tidan and visit the local supermarket. I enjoy an early lunch in the sunshine.

After yet a while I find Göta Kanal which is a river that runs from east coast to west coast through lakes Vänern and Vättern. There are a few locks but in general the route is flat and there are lots of people doing shorter tours along the river/canal. While I enjoy an ice cream I read the tourist info about the canal and there is a ferry across lake Vättern, this would be fantastic for me, but it sounds a bit to good to be true. I give the tourist office in Motala a call, and yes there is a ferry but it stopped for the season 5 days ago.

Bullitt in the forest
Figure 4. Bullitt in the forest

So nothing to do but grind on, at 75 km I find a hostel but it was full. So after 25 km more of headwind and up and down I arrive at the camping in Tived. The camping is a proper camping, I find my assigned plot quickly and pitch my tent very fast.

Coolest ride
Figure 5. Coolest ride

Today had lots of joy riders, thousands of classic cars, motor cycles, ATV, cabriolets etc, but not a single cyclist anywhere. This was the slowest ever day on my Bullitt, headwind, bumpy roads and ups and downs pushed me below 15 km/h average. There is about 380 km left on Sverigeleden until I am at home, there are not many campings and they are not aligned with the track, so I am not sure how the coming days will turn out.