This morning I find yellow leafs on my tent.

Route day 19
Figure 1. Route Day 19

The summer is coming to an end, time to hurry back home before the fantastic weather turns in to darkness and rain.

Figure 2. Leaf

Today I am going to Askersund, hoping there will be some nice food and tourist information there. The campings along the Sverigeleden are very sparse towards Stockholm, so I hope I can find accommodation options in the tourist information in Askersund.

The day starts with a few kilometers of uphill, I stop and practice some uphill parking. This is dead easy with the Bullitt and its massive kick stand.

Hill parking
Figure 3. Hill parking

The ride to Askersund was short and easy, once I get there I start to ask around and it seems the tourist information is closed and that there is no other source of information about accommodation along the route.

Figure 4. Askersund

I wanted to have a rest day, but being this close to Stockholm it seemed a bit silly, so I decide to test a new concept. A hybrid rest day, a short ride in the morning and an expensive hotel the rest of the day. After some nagging I find a room that I can have and check in before 10:00.

So the rest of the day is spent in the room doing nothing or walking around in Askersund and finding 2 nice meals.

I spend lots of time on the Internet trying to find a better, flatter, straighter, faster route back to Stockholm, but it seems Sverigeleden is the winner. All other options will require a massive effort to detail route over small roads or ride the big 2 digit roads which will suck massively.

Figure 5. Askersund

Askersund is very nice but very expensive, so having a full day of rest tomorrow is out of the question. Should be about 300-340 kilometers left now.