Yesterday I read in the local tourist propaganda that they see it as a major advantage that road 50 soon will be upgraded to a safer 100 km/h hour road with a wire railing for safety. More cars and higher speeds is safer.

Route day 20
Figure 1. Route Day 20

The hotel was very hot inside, through the open window there was a constant noise from the nearby road 50. The day starts with a quick visit to the local supermarket, after this I ride a long detour to avoid riding road 50. I guess it will be much better when it’s upgraded to a faster and safer road with more traffic.

Today has more clouds than the last 10-12 days so it’s a bit colder in the morning. But once the sun comes out it’s warm and nice again. Today will be a long day with many kilometers. There are not many options for accommodation along this part of Sverigeleden.

Summer roads
Figure 2. Summer roads

I meet 3 Germans, two are headed for Trelleborg and their ferry and the other will try Malmö and the train to Denmark. They have a look at the Bullitt and I demonstrate some of the advantages of being on holiday with a cargobike. They are in a hurry to reach Germany so I tell them to unfold their map and have a closer look at the track since the track is very inefficient towards Göteborg.

I didn’t find any places that serves food so when I find the Go Glass ice cream factory in Hjortkvarn it seems like a good idea to have a big ice cream.

Go Glass
Figure 3. Go Glass

The day is long, so I stop and talk to some Alu-box admirers, they are very disappointed when I tell them that there are no carrots in the box.

Alu-box is the shit
Figure 4. Alu-box is the shit

In Brevens Bruk I find a small cafe and stop for some snacks and talks with the owner. The last 40 kilometers or so in to Katrineholm feels very long.

Today had lots and lots of gravel roads, I thought that would slow me down but it didn’t. I even had to stop and pay a speeding ticket, that’s how fast the Bullitt is.

Speed trap
Figure 5. Speed trap

But once there I find the camping, they insist that all tents should be pitched down by the water.

So I know for sure that tonight will be cold and humid, and that the tent will be wet when I pack it tomorrow.

Figure 6. Camping

At least there is a tree to lock the bike to and a bench to sit on when I eat my delicious chicken-in-a-bag. Just as I am about to go to bed 3 cyclists arrive, they have very little luggage and I am hoping they are going south.