I woke up after a long night of good sleep.

Route day 16
Figure 1. Route Day 16

Nothing much got done this day. Spent some time trying to find a more attractive route back home, but it seems Sverigeleden is a pretty good option.

As the weather is supposed to be great for the coming 4-6 days I will take it easy and enjoy camping as much as I can. I managed to find a copy of the camping book with the map, so now planning will be easier.

For lunch I biked the 4 km back to Nossebro and had lunch downtown Nossebro.

The roundabout
Figure 2. The roundabout

I also went to an old time (retro) country side shop that was about 1 km south of Essunga, it was a shop full of extremely much stuff, so I bought some bread.

Then I checked that all the stuff on the Bullitt still was in good order.

Figure 3. Service

So now the only thing that remains is a good nights sleep and then another day of hopefully nice weather and biking.

Figure 4. Nice