A very quiet and nice sunny morning, I slept very well and wake up late.

Route day 13
Figure 1. Route Day 13 - Denmark
Route day 13
Figure 2. Route Day 13 - Göteborg

I spend some time on packing up and drying out the tent as tonight will be indoors. The sun is shining and life is good.

Good to go
Figure 3. Good to go

It’s about 10 km to bike to the ferry and I have several hours to do it. I bike along to coast and have no problems finding the ferry.

Bye bye wonderful Denmark
Figure 4. Bye bye wonderful Denmark.

Before I enter the harbor I do some basic shopping, avoiding most things as they are much cheaper in Sweden.

I am the first to get in line for the ferry, there is a small room with some tables and power outlets and free Wifi that keeps me busy for some hours.

First, in lane 1
Figure 5. First, in lane 1

As time for boarding nears the harbor fills up with stinky and noisy vehicles and their smoking drivers.

The ferry arrives and the quiet and nice bike people gets to board first and park in the front of the exit.

Figure 6. Ferry

Then there is 3.5 hours of mayhem on the overcrowded ferry, inside is full of people carrying their 4 or 8 boxes of 24x33 cl beer, hardly anywhere to sit. Outside in the fresh air is where all the smokers sit and enjoy themselves. I manage to find a quiet seat and rest my head against my Vaude aqua box and sleep for an hour or so.

Cool people parking
Figure 7. Cool people parking

Good thing is that I manage to buy food for all my Danish money, so no DKK left when I arrive in Sweden.

Once in Göteborg the bike infrastructure is not so great anymore, but I manage to find my way to the commuter ferry that will take me to my hotel on the other side of the river. This saves me a 5 km detour over a high bridge. So well done on that Göteborg.

I check in at the hotel and since it’s a proper fancy hotel they have a luggage trolley that I can use so I simply put the alu-box on it and rolls directly to my rooms. Extremely convenient. One more point for Bullitt as a cargo platform for bike touring. The Bullitt gets to sleep in the luggage room, no major problem to get in there either.

The cargo bike solution to bike touring
Figure 8. The cargo bike solution to bike touring

I’m very tired so I just spend the evening in the nice room and enjoy the super fast Internet.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day, I have a date at 09:30 on the other side of the river, so another ferry back.