The tent has been flapping most of the night, but now the wind is gone and it’s all quiet.

Route day 12
Figure 1. Route Day 12

My Norwegian neighbors had a bottle of Jägermeister yesterday so it’s very quiet over in their Helsport tents this morning.

It’s still very cold so I have some breakfast and wait for the tent to dry.

Once I get started I almost immediately have to stop when I see an open bakery. Nice start, Sunday and all.

When I cross the bridge over the fjord the otherwise very nice track gets very messy, I am not sure if it’s to avoid the E45 and the tunnel under the fjord or what is going on. One part is a track almost to narrow for the Bullitt, grass and branches scratch the alu-box. Also it’s muddy. With a quick look at the map it looks like this would have been avoided by continuing the road across the bridge.

Leaving Aalborg
Figure 2. Leaving Aalborg

I keep an eye on the Hærvejen track and I see that it avoids some beautiful bike roads so I dump Hærvejen and stick with the sealed roads. There are many, many road race cyclist out and about today and the roads are perfect for them.

Nice roads
Figure 3. Nice roads

So a quick look at the GPS tells me that the coast is just 12 km east, so I decide to leave Hærvejen for good and go along EuroVelo 12 North Sea Cycle route (a.k.a. DK 5 østkystrouten). And just as yesterday I am instantly rewarded when going off-Hærvejen, there are shops, cafes, sunshine, smooth roads. Maybe it’s a bit unfair towards Hærvejen because it’s a fantastic bike route, but sometimes it seems it really goes through the smallest and quietest places available in Denmark.

So I shop for lunch and bike down to the harbor and have lunch by the sea. I booked the ferry yesterday (there was only one on Monday) and also a hotel in Göteborg. There is some event going on in town so I could only get one night in the hotel. So with all of that taken care of and only 35 km as the crow flies to the harbor I feel very relaxed.

Lunch by the sea
Figure 4. Lunch by the sea

I bike along the coast trying to find a beach access somewhere, but there is always 500-1000 meter of private property between the road and the sandy beaches. I find one road down to the beach but it’s so sandy that I have to stop the Bullitt 50 meters or so away and I don’t want to leave it there and go swimming.

So close
Figure 5. So close

Slowly I bike north and find Sæby, there is a square, there are restaurants on the square, so I just park the Bullitt next to one and sit down and have dinner.

After dinner it’s a short bike to the nearest camping, it’s 3-star and costs 120 DKK with 5 minutes of shower and Internet, later I go to the laundromat Møntvask and take care of my laundry. The dryers just eat my coins without delivering any real heath.

Figure 6. Laundry

It’s a very quiet and spacious camping, when I go to bed I can hear the sea and fall asleep quickly.