Cold and rain. When I wake up it rains so I decide to sleep a bit more.

Route day 11
Figure 1. Route Day 11

Last night was messy at the camping, they played their music and made strange noises until after midnight. Then all the folks had to find their way back to their tents and caravans, and talk and sing some more. Not fantastic.

Messy Camping
Figure 2. Messy camping

The camping is in a south facing valley so it heats up pretty quickly once the rain stops, so when my tent is semi-dry I pack it up and get going. The first 2-3 km are gravel back to the real road.

After a short while I have to stop and put more clothes on, it’s freezing cold. The track is just the normal quiet country side that I am used to.

After a while the track passes just outside Hobro, I decide to try my luck and go through the town instead to see if there are any places for lunch. I thought it be nice to sit inside and have a real cooked meal for a change. I find the tourist information but it seems they only have 2-3 places for food in town (population 11,736) and there is only one that open at 11. I ride around for a while and find a park where I can sit and wait for 30 minutes, it’s freezing cold.

At 11 I enter the place and they are just opening up, I see their menu on the wall and there is a big steak with fries and sauce Bearnaise, I order that, once it arrives it does not really look like the picture but it was nice anyways.

There are hills to get in to Hobro and bigger hills to get out, and so goes the day. I keep pedaling north.

Nice Hærvejen
Figure 3. Nice Hærvejen

The track is nice, it goes through fields and forests, nice smooth roads with very light traffic. My plan is to go to at least Aalborg and find dinner there and then pedal on or find accommodation.

When it’s about 30 km left to Aalborg I start to get a bit tired of the track there, it’s lots of gravel and borderline MTB tracks. So I decide to make a shortcut and ride trough some smaller towns. And all of a sudden there are people, warmer, cafes, ice cream, food, sunshine. So this was the second time today I went outside the track and good things happened. Perhaps the Hærvejen is focusing on tranquility and solitude.

Good things
Figure 4. Good things

Aalborg is big and it’s Saturday, lots of drunk people out and about. I decide to try the camping in Aalborg, but first I stop at a pizzeria and have dinner, second hot meal this day, feels great.

The camping is very expensive, 220 DKK including 5 min shower and Internet, everything is very clean and new, Internet is very fast and nice.

Aalborg Camping
Figure 5. Aalborg Camping

I get a plot in the corner where they put all the strange people, like cyclists, hikers, people using cars as tents etc. The wind is very, very strong when I pitch my tent. It was a bit of a struggle to pitch the tent with strong side wind, perhaps one of the few weaknesses of tunnel tents.

It’s very cold so I get inside my sleeping bag as soon as possible, after a while I have to get up and tighten the lines and poles of the tent. My neighbors from Norway are sitting outside in their down parkas and sleeping bags, after just a minute or two I am so cold I start to shiver. Back in to the down bag and sleep is what remains to do.