No more flat Denmark.

Route day 10
Figure 1. Route Day 10

I wake up early and feel very rested, so I pack up quickly and get the bike out from the back yard. On my way out of Jelling I stop for some photos of the Bullitt.

Figure 2. Viking Bullitt

The morning is foggy and cold, when the sun shines through the clouds it’s hot and humid. There are lots of gravel, sand, uphill, so the going is not very fast at all.

Figure 3. Gravel and fog

There is not much services along the route, so I stop by a lake to have a snack out of the alu-box.

Figure 4. Lake

The day goes on and as I get nearer Viborg there is a 10-12 km long old railroad converted to bike lake, parts of it goes 4-5 meters above ground on a small hill. It’s really nice to ride. The last kilometer or so in to Viborg and the center of Viborg is not nice to bike.

This is a long day, but I feel OK, the Bullitt is fast and easy to bike as long as the roads are good. I spot a camping on the maps and go for it.

The last 2-3 km are gravel but when I finally get there the camping is cheap, 85 DKK including showers and Internet. Also there is a BBQ evening and I manage to buy a serving of BBQ, nice.

Once I have pitched my tent, showered and eaten, I start to reflect on my surroundings, there seems to be very much people playing guitar and singing. After a while an older man comes forward and asks about the bike and so on, and much like everyone else he is curious about whats inside the box. He also tells me that he thinks that this music camping is so great since everyone gathers in the big house by the fire and plays all night.

It was a long evening before everyone had played their instrument and gone to bed.

Figure 5. Music camping

Unfortunately they had cut the grass without collecting the cut grass, so my tent and shoes and bike were covered in grass. Also the showers and toilets were very worn down and their Internet didn’t really work. So low price, no good, goes for campings in Denmark as well.