The Bullitt was still there in the morning.

Route day 5
Figure 1. Route day 5

It was already hot in the morning, t-shirt and shorts from the start. Sundays in Germany are very closed and quiet.

Today had many of these clever tracks, only part of the surface is paved, so as long as you don’t meet anyone you can ride fast.

Fast Track
Figure 2. Fast track

The day was sunny and warm, the riding was great, I kept on finding my own shortcuts that meant going on small and fast roads. Also I used the excellent "intercity" bike lane network, it seems that most smaller (not A and B) roads that connect smaller towns has bike lanes. Very efficient.

Ochsenweg or Hæervejen
Figure 3. Ochsenweg or Hæervejen

I went through the Naturpark Aukrug today, a very quiet and peaceful place. All covered in a web of bike routes.

It seems accommodation becomes more expensive the closer to Denmark I go, perhaps I will start to use my tent soon. I am also thinking about a rest day soon, but at this speed I will be in Denmark tomorrow. I don’t know for sure but I guess Denmark is more expensive than Germany. So perhaps I should find a cheap place in Germany.

The place I am staying in this night does not have Internet, so I have to figure it out tomorrow.

Today I met many bikes with lots of bags, touring bikes, with bike tourist on. I wonder if I still qualify as a bike tourer now when I don’t have any panniers on the bike.

I found another thing that I like with the Bullitt today, the massive kick stand, it’s so easy to just ride up to where you want go and just park. With a fully loaded touring bike it’s not so easy, it more or less needs to be parked against a wall.

Big ship
Figure 4. Big ship

The hotel is just next to the Nord-Ostsee-Kanal and tomorrow I will cross the canal by tunnel. There is a tunnel for pedestrians and bikes, with elevators and all. I went for a walk this evening and checked it out, it seems the elevators are Bullitt proof, seems to be about 3 meters long inside.

Figure 5. Nord-Ostsee-Kanal

So tomorrow I aim for Flensburg or maybe even Denmark.

Nord-Ostsee-Kanal tunnel
Figure 6. Nord-Ostsee-Kanal tunnel