After breakfast I rode the tunnel, it was a fun experience, really cold there far under the surface.

Route day 6
Figure 1. Route day 6

The first 10 km or so was no fun, there was a lot of cobble stone, very narrow tracks, mud, turns etc. So I let the GPX track rest for a while and made my own route up as I went.

Forest track
Figure 2. Forest track

I use lots of intercity bike lanes, they are all in good shape so going is very fast, 60 km before lunch.

Figure 3. Intercity

The day is very warm, I stop for ice cream and sit on a bench in the shade and almost fall asleep. Shortly after this I find a really good lunch restaurant. They offer a surprise ice cream for desert.

When I leave there I have less than 10 km left in Germany. Flensburg is full of people, traffic, hills, cobble stones, hills, for some reason the GPX track I follow seem to find out all the hills instead of using the bike routes along the flat water. When I see this life is easier.

Figure 4. Flensburg

And I crossed the border, just some flags and changes in road signs and bike road policies.

Figure 5. Border

I started to look for an ATM since I didn’t have any Danish money and I was unsure if MasterCard is as useless in Denmark as in Germany. After some going up long hills and riding one way bike lanes I gave up and just went to a camping and checked in.

The camping accepted foreign MasterCard with 2.25% surcharge but such is life without cash, robbed twice in the same transaction. Then I had to change some Euro to get coins for the shower, so again robbed twice in the same transaction.

Camping is always easy with a bike, you can just ride to exactly where you want to pitch your tent and unpack. No carrying bags or walking stairs and so on. The ground was flat with short grass and just perfect for tents. I pitched my tent quickly and locked the Bullitt to a streetlight nearby. There were many admirers looking at the bike all evening.

Figure 6. Camping

The camping was 135 DKK, about 180 SEK, so more expensive than in Sweden. But it was great.

After my 2.5 minute shower I had some Danish gold coins left, so I bought myself a small reward to end a long warm day with.

Figure 7. Reward