I woke up really early, it was still almost dark outside and a bit cold.

Route day 7
Figure 1. Route day 7

I think I fell asleep very early yesterday, probably was tired from the long day in the sun. Today’s forecast says that it will be a storm coming in from the west in the afternoon. Thunder and warnings about intense rain (more than 15 mm/30 min).

Figure 2. Morning

So today’s plan is to pack up quickly and find the ATM and get some cash. Then ride on until early afternoon and then find somewhere indoor to sleep or at least have the tent pitched before it starts to rain.

I quickly find the ATM and then the Hærvejen markers, the trail is easy to follow. Almost no need for maps or GPS.

Easy to follow
Figure 3. Easy to follow

The track is very fast, hard and nice surface, the Bullitt is at home.

Figure 4. Fast

The heat is building up fast, the humidity is very high, it’s hard going to bike. But along the trail there are many small rest areas like this.

Rest area
Figure 5. Rest area

The ride is fast today, perhaps extra fast because I want to escape the storm. When I have lunch in Vojens at 11 I have done 60 km, more than I was planning but it looks like the rain is coming later than advertised.

No stopping
Figure 6. No stopping

I find a combined sports arena and motel, cheap and low end, but they have cheap dinner and a washing machine so the evening is saved. The internet is also great.

Once it starts to rain it rains and rains and rains for hours, the parking in front of the motel is turned to a small lake. So I am very happy to be indoors with a bag full of clean clothes instead of dirty ones.

The lake
Figure 7. The lake