The morning was very nice and cold compared to yesterday.

Route day 8
Figure 1. Route day 8

As I woke up really early I was all packed and ready to go at 7 when breakfast was served. There roads were insane fast, did 30 km in 90 minutes. As I pedal on I feel tired, very tired, so I decide to stop at a supermarket to get some cinnamon bread and drinks in an attempt to reset by sugar.

Figure 2. Superfast

But it didn’t help much, so the next 30 km are much slower, I feel tired. I know this feeling, it’s time for a day of rest.

The day heats up, there are these strange low clouds, almost like fog and the humidity is very high. I run out of water and stop by the church in Nørup to get some more water. I ask a lady if there is water, but she says she only speaks Danish and doesn’t understand what I want, but when I do the international sign for empty water bottle she says there is a tap behind the church.

Enjoying some cold water I find that the view from the hill where the church is very nice, Denmark is not so flat around this part, almost hilly.

Figure 3. Hilly

I let go of the brakes on some long descents and the Bullitt just accelerate and accelerate, it easily hits over 50 km/h in moderate downhills. Imagine how fast this would have been in the Norwegian mountains a month ago. It will be interesting to see how the Bullitt and the tiny tires handle the bad Swedish roads, they are nothing as smooth and nice as here in Denmark.

I continue along small and nice roads in a very beautiful landscape.

Figure 4. Nice

I even bring the music system out, but nothing helps against the tiredness.

Figure 5. Music

As I near the town of Jelling I decide to stop for the day and also if I find somewhere nice to stay, have a proper do nothing at all rest day tomorrow.

I pop in to a cafe for lunch, they are impressed by the Bullitt and actually the first to know what it’s called and that it’s Danish. All the other people I have talked to about the bike think its called Blue Bird and have never heard of a Bullitt from Copenhagen.

They give me a tourist info book about Jelling, it’s a old viking town on the UNESCO list. I bike around and find a B&B and decide to stay for two nights.

As I unpack I notice that the paint is scratched on the frame, I will have a look at that tomorrow when I service the bike on my rest day.

I leave the Bullitt in the hands of the B&B’s head of security for safekeeping.

Head of Security
Figure 6. Head of Security