This morning was the coldest so far, probably around 8C or so, lots of clothes on for the down hill to Hamburg.

Route day 4
Figure 1. Route day 4

Funilly enough there was no down hill to Hamburg, the version of the D7 track I used must be some kind of MTB track. I had uphills, nice forest tracks, sand, mud, dogs, and more. It was a real struggle to get to Harburg.

MTB Track
Figure 2. MTB tracks

In Harburg "city navigation" started and after about 1000 turns I faced a railroad track that could not be crossed. The D7 track I used seems to be work in progress. After some riding around I found my way to Hamburg.

Figure 3. Hamburg

The outskirts of Hamburg had bike autobahns, very very fast, but in the end I was stuck with a track that followed a rail road track or something that couldn’t be biked.

Bike Autobahn
Figure 4. Bike autobahn

I followed the river Elbe towards the sea, and so did about one million other people. I am sure that running bike routes like D-Netz-Route D7 and Eurovelo EV3 along the river promenade is a really great idea. The problem is that days like this the river promenades are full of people so no biking possible.

When I looked at my GPS I had traveled 20 km as the crow flies in 4.5 hours, many turns, many many traffic lights and even more people.

After the track ended in this stair/ramp I decided to give the track a rest and find my own ad-hoc route. Much more fun and very much faster.

The ramp
Figure 5. The ramp

The ramp was quite easy to get up, just lift the rear of the bike and use it as a wheel barrel, the front wheel rolled up the ramp very easy.

The day has become very warm and it’s the first day I can ride in t-shirt and shorts, GREAT !

I feel quite worn down by this city biking so I start to look for accommodation, it’s sparse and expensive, but finally I find a shady hotel. I am allowed to park the Bullitt indoors in a building that is being renovated, I hope it’s still there tomorrow.

The ramp
Figure 6. Open bridge

The weather is looking great for the next 2 days, so I am thinking of skipping my planned rest day and go on for a while more. I am also thinking of skipping my track and go along the normal roads instead, the track require so much looking at the GPS that the landscape is lost.

The Bullitt didn’t show any new sides today, I was asked by a kid if it was a normal bike and when I said yes he seemed to buy in to that, so I guess it’s a normal bike.