Being next to the Baltic Sea means that everything is moist from condensation.

Route day 22
Figure 1. Route Day 22

I wake up before the sun is up, drying the tent is pointless, I will hang it in the basement tonight anyway. The night was quiet, there is basically nothing here, not even a proper road.

Basic Camping
Figure 2. Basic camping

So after having breakfast, I eat my "Adventure expedition breakfast", I start to bike the long way to Sollentuna. The first bit is bumpy and bad, but the roads get better and better. There is not much traffic on the roads towards Vagnhärad.

Once in Vagnhärad I find a cafe that serves breakfast, they have a trucker sandwich with bacon and scrambled eggs on it, since I almost drive a truck I order one of those as second breakfast.

Then there is a short ferry ride, again it’s very easy to park the bike.

End of the summer
Figure 3. Ferry

Near Botkyrka golf club the two tracks split, I sit down and look at the GPS, Cykelspåret looks like it’s more straight in towards Stockholm but since I am unsure about the roads in the south of Stockholm I stick with Sverigeleden.

I have complained a bit about that Sverigeleden is scenic and many kilometers are lost going on detours. But all in all it has been a good choice and if you have a bike tour without deadline it’s just fine. But when Sverigeleden goes through a nature reserve where the signs say no biking and then I have to push my bike cross a slalom slope, I give up hope for the Sverigeleden. There must have been a better option.

Figure 4. Slalom slope

After this I look at the GPS again and start to follow the normal bike routes in direction Stockholm, there are plenty of signs for Stockholm. But once inside the city limit they all change to various suburbs and no signs that says center or downtown are to be found. That is fine for me since I roughly know the suburbs but for a first time visitor without a map it would not be fun.

Once in Stockholm city it feels great, I am insane tired but pedal on back home to Sollentuna. I park my Bullitt in the garden and just take the Alu-box inside.

Garden Bullitt
Figure 5. Garden Bullitt

The Bullitt sleeps outside the first night, the next day I manage to get it downstairs in to the bike storage, it was easier than I had imagined. Maybe I will be able to get it up and down even with the Alu-box mounted.