First day of my trip, the weather is Swedish summer standard. Light rain, some more rain and then some rain. At least its warm and nice.

I have been thoroughly preparing for the last six months for this trip, NOT. This must the the least prepared I’ve ever been for a bike tour. Unfortunate choices resulted in me driving a car 1.5 hour per day instead of riding my bike for 2 hours to and from work.

So I am guessing that the first couple of weeks will hurt in the muscles and other places that has to be hardened to ride a fully loaded touring bike. So there will be short days and easy kilometers in Estonia and Latvia, then I might pick up some speed.

Route day 1
Figure 1. Route Day 1

The ride to the ferry terminal was very uneventful, I was biker number 29 that passed the counter along the bike route in Sollentuna.

Once in the terminal area I found that the ferry had moved since I last biked here, so I had to ask around where the new dock was.

Figure 2. Cabin

The cabin was nicer than expected, perhaps someone toke pity on a cyclist and put me in a cabin far away from the party catacombs. There was no window, a cabin with window was considerably more expensive, and as it turned out it was dense fog anyway.

Foggy harbor
Figure 3. Foggy harbor

The food and drinks on the ferry was more or less the same prices as in Stockholm so no bargain to be had. I even saw that some people brought high tax Swedish beer on to the boat to cheat the system.