The cabin was very quiet. There still was dense fog in the morning, really happy that I didn’t pay for a window. I had some quick breakfast in the cabin.

Route day 2
Figure 1. Route Day 2

There were four more cyclists on the ferry, they were going along the coast to Riga and then back to Sweden. The exit from the ferry was uneventful, the Police had a massive checkpoint stopping cars and giving the drivers breathalyzer tests. But all cyclists were waived through.

It was very humid and warm with some few drops of rain. The few kilometers I had to ride was very uneventful, unfortunately the track went through a small part of the old town, cobble stones are never nice to bike.

Once at the hotel I had prebooked I asked if they had my room ready and they had even though it was before 11 in the morning. I got to park my bike in the luggage room and then I went to my room.

The room was very nice and big at the approximately the same price as a hostel or cottage in Sweden.

Figure 2. Room

I used the map I got on the ferry to try and find the tourist information, the map wasn’t very good but after some walking around old town I found the tourist information. They had free maps of most of the regions I am biking through and also a map of the Baltic countries with all official campings on. Very useful tourist information, must be one of the very few that I have been to that actually helped with good biking related info.

Old Town
Figure 3. Old town

After old town I found a very nice lunch restaurant and had a beef and rice wok for 5 Euro, it was a really good meal. Then it started to rain and rain and rain. I used this as a very good excuse to have a siesta in the hotel room.

Rain and old houses
Figure 4. Rain and old houses

Later I went shopping at the super market and also for dinner, the rain eventually stopped and it looks like the weather will be nice for a couple of days now.

While looking at the map with the camping sites on I realize that there are not many of them in the north east of Estonia, so probably lots of indoors to start with.