The room was very bright when I woke up, strong sunshine and thin curtains. The sky was blue and it was a bit chilly.

Route day 3
Figure 1. Route Day 3

The breakfast was an ocean of tourists, very busy even early in the morning.

Tallin like any big city was a hassle to get out of, I had made a track for the GPS with the help of but unfortunately someone had dug up long sections of streets. So it toke a good long while to get out of Tallin.

On my way out I went trough a very nice park.

Figure 2. Park

It’s starting to be very hot, so it’s time to strip down to shorts and T-shirt and dig out the sun lotion.

I ride through the suburbs,it’s all very nice and organized. Very quiet and everyone is driving very nice.

Figure 3. Suburbs

After a while I end up on the countryside, the roads are very nice, everything is very clean. There is no trash anywhere, the shoulders are clean,no gravel, no glass, no metal. Just wonderful.

Nice roads
Figure 4. Nice roads

Estonia is so well organized, just look at this sign, it has all the info you need.

Well organized
Figure 5. Well organized

I stop for lunch at a hostel/youth camp/summer/sports/food place of sorts. I bump in to a German couple that biked past me an hour earlier, they were doing a loop of the Baltics, starting and stopping in Klapedia. I asked them about drinking water and they said they hadn’t had any problems but often the water is discolored and smelly. The water at the restaurant was no exception, there seems to be minerals in the water that makes it less than tasty.

I filled one of my empty bottles and added a chlorine tablet as a precaution. It makes the water taste swimming pool but at least it will kill most germs and nasty stuff.

Multi place
Figure 6. Multi place

The food was not amazing, just barely OK. I chatted some with the Germans, and they confirmed my suspicions that the route from Riga to Tallin along the coast was not fantastic, just a road with lots of traffic on it.

At around 14:00 I am starting to feel my legs and lower back, not used to hauling this big and heavy bike around, so when I see Nelijärve Puhkekeskus I decide to call it a day. They called themselves a Hostel, but to me it looked like a very basic hotel. With a distinct 1970-feeling to it.

It was only 10 Euro less than the Park-Inn in Tallin, very strange, but once I find the pub and an ice cold beer all is forgiven.

Figure 7. Room

The Internet is amazing fast and available.

Figure 8. Pub