In about one week I will go to Bielefeld and pick my Bullitt up.

My Bullitt cargobike is being built in Velotop, some pictures

Bullitt on surgery table
Figure 1. Bullitt on surgery table
Bullitt back on the ground
Figure 2. Bullitt back on the ground

Meanwhile back home I am busy with packing, it is as usual a process. This time it’s easier because I just came back from my tour to Nidaros, so I already had all the stuff needed and not needed sorted out. But since I am flying all the CO2, camping gas, matches and other liquids has to stay at home.

Also my Bullitt has a shiny Aluminum box instead of Vaude panniers, I have really no idea how to pack in one big 140 liter box instead of 4 bags with 2x25L+2x20L. I guess this will lead to some packing and unpacking of the box before it’s optimal.

2x23 kg will not be a problem
Figure 3. 2x23 kg will not be a problem

I never biked in Denmark before so I spent some time researching what goes on there. I found that there is an old route crossing Jutland, the route is called Hærvejen. There is a bike version and a hike version.

I ordered some maps for the route and also found a GPX track online. There is also a system with small tent sites that can be used by people hiking and biking (sometimes riding and canoeing). No motor vehicles are admitted.

So armed with this information I hope my stay in Denmark will be pleasant.

Information (old school)
Figure 4. Information (old school)