Day 28. Lenti - Varaždin 60 km (1338 km)

Today is the final day before resting in Croatia and then turning back north.

Route day 28
Figure 1. Route day 28

At checkout the hotel does the old local currency - euro - local currency trick and try to up the price 10% or so, but we agree to not do that.

It takes 20 minutes or so to bike to Slovenia, country number 19, the border crossing is almost a highway but it all works out just fine.

Figure 2. Slovenia

Things gets a bit more understandable. Slovenia seems very nice. I am only there for an hour or so.

Figure 3. Easier

The crossing between Slovenia and Croatia is also a highway, it’s manned by police from both countries and passport gets checked twice to make sure.

Figure 4. Croatia

In Čakovec, the first town I ride through I find a nice restaurant where I can find some shade and sit down for lunch.

Figure 5. Trattoria

I ride the last bit in to Varaždin, I feel worn out and tired, now there will be rest and food for some days.

Figure 6. Food