Day 29. Varaždin - Varaždin 0 km (1338 km)

Rest day. Major event of the day, laundromat.

Route so far
Figure 1. Route so far

It rains in the morning and on and off during the day.

I spend some time on Internet and book various hotels and a ferry.

Then a short walk to the laundromat to clean all my clothes. There is a lady there that helps with the machines and constantly clean the place.

Speed queen
Figure 2. Speed queen

While my clothes are in the machine I walk to a bike shop and buy a new water bottle, my old one is worn out and dirty.

Then I dry the clothes for 15 minutes.

The clothes smell industrial clean. Well worth the 5 Euro.

So back at the hotel it’s time for lunch and a siesta, then it’s time for dinner and German TV.

I have great plans for tomorrow.