Day 27. Körmend - Lenti 60 km (1283 km)

I slept a lot on my half rest day yesterday, I am looking forward to my mini holiday in Croatia before I turn back through the mountains.

Route day 27
Figure 1. Route day 27

Today is relatively cold, just perfect to bike around in T-shirt and shorts.

There are no bike lanes or anything like that, just very quiet roads in the country side.

Figure 2. Nice

Just before lunch I find a nice Coop store and buy lunch and eat outside in the sun.

Figure 3. Coop

It’s getting warm now again, I am not biking very far today so I escape the afternoon heat.

I find the hotel on the outskirts of Lenti, a small village very close to the Slovenian border.

Figure 4. Hotel

My room is very small, about 3 times the size of the bed. The hotel is a bit outdated.

The afternoon project is a walk to the supermarket to buy water and fruits for tomorrow. There were no fruits, just onions and potatoes.

After an afternoon siesta I have dinner at the hotel. Not being able to understand a single word of Hungarian is a bit annoying, luckily most people speak some German.

Tomorrow I will bike through a bit of Slovenia and then in to Croatia.