Day 26. Szombathely - Körmend 30 km (1223 km)

I had been looking for a nice place to take a rest day, but I didn’t find any place or accommodation. So I decided to have a half rest day. Only 30 km today.

Route day 26
Figure 1. Route day 26

The breakfast is at 8 which is very late. Once I get going I have to ride the big road outside the hotel for a few kilometers, but since it’s Sunday there are not many trucks.

The route goes through nice areas and it’s all nice and quiet.

Figure 2. Nice

I get to Körmend very early so I go sightseeing and buy an ice cream in the nice town square.

Ice cream
Figure 3. Ice cream

At noon I bike to the hotel and check in, the bike is placed outside in the backyard.

The afternoon is spent with looking at maps and making plans. I am approaching Croatia now and I have ruled out going to the sea around Rijeka. Mainly because there is a mountain in the way and I would probably end up walking the bike both up and down (and then up and down to get back), also the accommodation is a bit to expensive. So at the moment it seems like Varaždin would be a great place to turn north again.

But I still have one day in Hungary before I reach Croatia and Slovenia.