Day 25. Horitschon - Szombathely 60 km (1193 km)

There was some VOLT festival goers that came back in the early morning, otherwise the hotel was very quiet.

Route day 25
Figure 1. Route day 25

Today starts with a 5 km uphill that adds to the already hot day.

There are lots of small quiet roads and bike infrastructure, signposts, places to sit and so on.

Figure 2. Infrastructure

After 2 hours or so it’s getting steeper and steeper, almost have to walk the bike up and down the hills. The day is very hot by now.

At the border I stop for a coffee, it’s 3.2 Euro, Austria is not a cheap country to tourist in.

On the other side of the border roads are a bit bumpier and as I bike along my route I see some people that are washing their bikes with a hose in the car wash. My bike still has a lot of dried mud on it and needs a cleaning. I bike over to them and it turns out that they don’t speak anything I speak but they show where to put the 100 HUF coin to get the thing going. It worked just fine, most mud is gone and also the high pressure removed all the tar stains from the tyres. Best ever spent 100 HUF coin.

Figure 3. Washing

This part of Hungary is flat and nice. Most of the cycling is on smaller roads in residential areas or along bike lanes. Szombathely looks like a really nice town, efforts have been made to keep cyclists safe.

Figure 4. Szombathely

The hotel is quiet and nice, a few kilometers outside town. The furniture in the hotel and restaurant are all made of light wood, very Swedish looking.

Figure 5. Restaurant