Day 24. Bruckneudorf - Horitschon 73 km (1133 km)

I slept well in the hotel and after breakfast I get my bike back. It’s been locked away but outside, so last nights rain has cleaned some mud of it.

Route day 24
Figure 1. Route day 24

I ride out of Bruckneudorf and find that the planned route is going over a military training ground that is closed for the day. Great, a 10 km detour over a mountain is the solution.

Already at 9 in the morning it’s really hot.

This part of Austria is really going all in on getting bike tourists to come here, there is a complete infrastructure with maps, signposts, charging stations for e-bikes etc.

Figure 2. Infrastructure

There is a really strong tailwind today and combined with the very smooth and flat roads I can almost sail with the wind.

I try to stop for lunch in one village, but all the places are full of smokers so I just keep going.

At noon I reach the border with Hungary, I will sleep in Austria tonight but a small part of the route goes through Hungary. Its the first time I bike in Hungary, country number 18 on my list.

Figure 3. Hungary

The bike infrastructure is not that great compared to Austria, there are some bike lanes in towns but mainly the roads look like this.

Figure 4. Bump

I ride to a big town, Sopron, where I stop to get some Hungarian money. There are 30 HUF to one SEK, so get a big amount of HUF, I feel rich until I see that a Cola is 350 HUF.

On my way out of Sopron there is a huge amount of people all over the place, they sit in parks and streets, have picnics and drink. The further up from Sopron I get the more people there are. There is a festival going on, it’s huge, the car park is 2 km long. Later I find out that it’s the VOLT festival with 100000 visitors or so.

Luckily I am not staying there. I ride on towards Horitschon and without any signs or formalities I am back in Austria, the only give away was that the road was in perfect condition again.

Figure 5. Gästehaus

I find my accommodation, on top of a hill, and I get my room and bike gets to sleep in the garage with the tractors.

A visit to the supermarket and dinner. Internet is mega slow and TV is in German. So an early evening.