Day 23. Malacky - Bruckneudorf 66 km (1060 km).

When I look out the window it’s raining and raining and raining, very depressing.

Route day 23
Figure 1. Route day 23

Since it’s raining I am in no hurry to leave after breakfast, and eventually the rain stops.

Figure 2. Rain

The ride starts with nice bike lanes, dirt tracks and quiet roads. The dirt is very dirty since it’s been raining.

There are signposts and bike routes, it seems I am traveling along Eurovelo 13 at times. When I get near Bratislava I cycle over the "Cycling Bridge Of Freedom" and there are 3 men on the bridge and they start to talk to me. It seems one of them was the designer of the bridge and the other one was a Herr Professor something. I thought it was funny that Austrians built a bridge in Slovakia, but as it turned out the other side of the bridge was Austria.

Figure 3. Bridge

On the Austrian side everything is very clean and well organized. No bumps in the road, no trash on the ground.

Figure 4. Ordnung

Around noon I bike trough a Kurzentrum and stop for lunch, very nice and very expensive, like a lunch in Stockholm. During my short stop the ambulance arrives twice with blue lights and sirens. Perhaps it’s not so healthy to stay at a kurzentrum after all.

Figure 5. Windpark

The afternoon goes through a massive wind park, nice small roads without any cars or truck. All the cyclists I meet greets with "Grüß Gott".

The hotel had not been maintained well over the last 20-30 years or so, not great value for money. Since I am interested in going from Croatia to Germany without cycling over the alps I spent a while at the station looking at different ÖBB trains. The REX, R and S trains seems to be OK for bikes.

Figure 6. S