Day 22. Holíč - Malacky 55 km (994 km)

Speed record day. A beatyful and fast day in the countryside.

Route day 22
Figure 1. Route day 22

It’s cold and clear. The day starts with a 5 km uphill which warms up the body fast.

Figure 2. Countryside

There is a tailwind and the roads are very smooth, some up and some down, the going is really fast today.

Figure 3. Road

At about 10 I stop for a coffee in a small village, I have to sit outside since they allow smoking indoors. I had forgotten how horrible that was.

Then there is some kind of restricted area where photography is not allowed but the roads are very smooth and the tailwind is strong. The moving average today was 16.5 km/h, the fastest ever on a tour I think.

The day heath up and its 27-30 degrees as usual.

I arrive in Malacky well before I can check in so I spend some time in a park and have a small lunch.

Figure 4. Apartment

My room was actually an one bedroom apartment with a washing machine. So I washed the clothes I wore yesterday and today, very convenient to have a washing machine.

There was some heavy rain in the afternoon.

I had dinner at the excellent restaurant downstairs and went to bed early.