Day 21. Holíč - Holíč 0 km (939 km)

Restful day. The main event was doing laundry.

Route so far
Figure 1. Route so far

I start the day slowly with breakfast at 08:30, I am alone at breakfast.

So today’s agenda is, laundry, lunch, check bike, buy water, sleep.

Air Hotel
Figure 2. Air Hotel

The hotel is much bigger than it looks from the street. There is a parking and a yard behind the front gates.

There is rain on and off all day, it’s not cold.

I spend some time researching going by train in Austria. Seems to be the universal problem that the bike facilities on the fast trains are not built for big and heavy bikes. So I might end up taking the local trains instead. I also spend some time on trying to get to know Hungary, mostly trying to understand why it is so expensive. I have seen clusters of accommodation in the 100-500 Euro/night range. Very odd.