Day 12. Bolesławiec - Kłobuck 78 km (571 km)

Breakfast at 7, I expect the place to look like a war zone, but the staff has been up for many hours and cleaned the place so that it looks like new again.

Route day 12
Figure 1. Route day 12

When I wake up it is very quiet, it seems like all the party goers are sleeping very hard at the moment. The earplugs were a great investment at 2.50 PLN.

Figure 2. Quiet

It is Sunday and even the small shops are closed, it also seems that this Sunday is more closed than a normal Sunday. I am short on water and the hotel didn’t have any to sell.

It’s very hot and humid, the skies are dark in places, looks like thunder is coming. I travel from village to village just to find all Sklep are closed. Most villages are empty except the churches where people are queuing to get in to listen to good news. In one village I find a small store that has a sign that clearly says open Sundays 10:00-18:00 and since it’s only 20 minutes I decide to wait it out.

An old Polish man on his way to church stops and chats, he’s not local so he has his doubts about the store being open as it’s some kind of special Sunday. He talks to some locals and information emerge that there is a small sklep that will open at 10:00 in the other end of the village (1.5 km away). So I ride there and wait. After a while the owner and his wife opens the shop and he talks lots in Polish to me, don’t know what he’s saying but I am happy to buy 5 liters of liquid to last me the rest of the day.

The day gets hotter and more humid by the hour, everything is severely closed. I stop at some fuel stations to enjoy their aircond and some ice cream. At times it feels like there will be thunder and lightning any second, but not a drop rain all day.

Figure 3. Thunder

When I reach Kłobuck at about 15 I find the hotel unmanned and I have to wait outside for 15 minutes before being let in. The receptionist informs me that today is Sunday and everything is closed except the 24h service station across the road. I agree, it is Sunday and everything is closed. She manages to order a take away pizza to be delivered to the hotel for me.

The hotel and the room was all new and very compact. No space wasted on anything, the rooms all had a small kitchenette. Nice but small.

Figure 4. Compact

The bike had to live under the stairs, no other space was available.

In the evening I went out trying to find something to eat, but it was very closed everywhere. I used one of my emergency freeze dried bags and went to bed early.