Day 11. Kalisz - Bolesławiec 81 km (493 km)

Leaving Kalisz before 8 in the morning, but it was already very hot. The first kilometers was a nice bike lane but it ended in an industrial area.

Route day 11
Figure 1. Route day 11

Saturday morning was very quiet both in Kalisz and outside of town.

Figure 2. Quiet

The theme of the day was long,long,long roads through the country side, also some riding on road 450. The 450 was a little to big and busy but the road was fast.

Endless road
Figure 3. Endless road

Today must have been one of the warmest days, I had a slight tailwind so it felt like there was no wind at all.

Once I arrived in Bolesławiec I had some problems finding the hotel, it was not in the location shown on Internet. Luckily my old Garmin GPS had the hotel in the POI database so eventually I found it.

There was a band rehearsing for the wedding party and it was very loud. The bike parked in a room with a very expensive e-bike. The room was very nice but hot since there was no aircond.

I had dinner in the restaurant which was a separate building and I were the only guest. There was no menu, the food just appeared. Luckily it was great.

Figure 4. Dinner

Once back in the room I spend some time planning the route ahead and accommodation, due to availability of accommodation I have ended up a little bit to far east compared to my plan. But I still hope I can reach Ostrava without going through big cities like Katowice.

The music from the band is very loud, but luckily I have my earplugs and can fall asleep already at 21:30.