Day 13. Kłobuck - Tarnowskie Góry 72 km (643 km)

Breakfast in the room is normally an extra but the hotel was so minimalistic that they only served breakfast in the room.

Route day 13
Figure 1. Route day 13

I woke surprisingly rested, it had been very quiet and and the bed was new and nice.

At 2 minutes before 7 I saw the car delivering my breakfast and 1 minute later the phone rang. Then breakfast was delivered to my door.

Figure 2. Breakfast

It’s already hot when I leave at 8, the route today seems to be along busy roads. I had hoped that they would be quiet and nice since they were 3 digit roads. There is a slight headwind that helps cooling a bit.

In a town somewhere I find a fruit shop next to the road and buy some fruits to last the day. The roads are getting busier and busier and the air is getting warmer and warmer.

Figure 3. Caminito

Today was supposed to be a short day but it felt endless. The last 30 km only had increasing traffic and no shoulder to ride. I stopped several times to find another route but there were no options. This day was no fun.

After what felt like an eternity I came close enough to town to try and take a shortcut through town as my hotel was on the other side of town. But I would have to go to the center and turn back out again, everything else was cut off by water or railways.

My hotel was outside of town, next to a big church. The building is of massive proportions and the rooms have 3-4 meters height and the walls are thick. Even though there is no aircond the room was cool.

Figure 4. Hotel

I quickly decide that tomorrow will be a rest day, spent in deep research on riding only small roads the next 100 km to the Czech republic.