Day 8. Lisewo - Konin 43km (345 km)

Today I had planned a short day, like a rest day light. I found a hotel in Konin that claimed to have "a laundry" and I had some clothes needing a wash. It would be the most expensive hotel so far at 290 PLN, but it would save the time and effort of finding a laundromat.

Route Day 8
Figure 1. Route Day 8

The Pałacyk hadn’t been must of a palace but it was quiet and nice. Breakfast was served at 07:15 I had been told. The was no buffet, just a plate with some bread and cheese on it.

I checked out and went to the local Sklep to get water and fruits for the day. Then I left "town" trough the small back roads.

Nice and quiet
Figure 2. Nice and quiet

After a while I run in to about 1 km of sand, most of it is hard enough to ride. In the small town Ślesin I find a small marina and have a short break and watch the ducks for a while.

Figure 3. Marina

Once back on the small roads I see a very big church in the distance, as I get closer I see how big the church is. I make a small detour to go and have a look.

Basilica of Our Lady of Licheń
Figure 4. Basilica of Our Lady of Licheń

It is the Basilica of Our Lady of Licheń, the sixth biggest in the world. I go closer to have a look and it’s really enormous.

The rest of the ride in to Konin is the standard bumpy one, getting in and out of towns seems to bring on the worst roads.

I find the hotel and given the number of AMG Mercedes in the parking it looks like the mafia is meeting for lunch there. My room is ready, there is no bike parking indoors so my bike gets to stay outside for the first time in Poland.

First order of business is to get clothes washed. The hotel is totally not worth the money, maybe slightly bigger room and slightly less dirty than last nights Pałacyk. I wonder how they possibly could have a 4 star rating, but maybe the cars outside explain that.

The restaurant is closed so I walk to another hotel and have dinner, it was also really outdated, but I forgot my memory card in the computer so no pictures.